Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Clean

Happy almost Spring! The past few days, I can really feel Spring in the air.The snow is melting, I can smell the Earth, and the Heritage Prairie Farm crew has been busy doing our "farm clean-up." Our beautiful barn, honey house, and farmhouse are all getting their seasonal proper cleaning. Its nice to get super organized before the weather turns, for the farm is really a whole different world when the weather is nice. The staff is also gearing up to get those seeds in the ground! I am desperate for fresh produce and truly cannot wait. Some of our seasonal staff returned this week to kick off the season and its great to see their faces, as well as seeing a few new ones. For those of you out there that are still on the fence about joining our CSA, please get in touch with us soon with your sign-up!  We truly do grow produce for YOU, so its essential by the end of the month that we have an idea of how many shares we are growing for this year.  Hands down one of the best investments you could ever make, because its an investment for you, for you health, and for the health of your family.  Its becoming a rare thing to actually know where your food comes from, let alone know your farmer.  If you're interested, please check for more information here or you can call me, Katie, here at our farm store at #630-443-8253.

As the crew is cleaning out the barn, I am blown away with how much neat stuff is in there! Some of the gems found are: an old church pew, a vintage 1950s rotary telephone, and my favorite- an old iron wash basin.The word on the street is that we MAY be having a Barn/Yard Sale in the near future. If we are, we will definitely be putting the word out on our website, facebook, and blog, so check back!

If you're not feeling the Spring vibes yet, and still have cabin fever, we are offering some really great classes coming up in March and April.  The farm is offering a beginning beekeeping course with Bron and Chef Jeremy has a ton of great cooking classes, as well as a Basic Knife Skills class.  Click here for more information!